isn’t your first birthday technically your second

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they call them “goosebumps” because there are little, tiny, microscopic geese living inside of you and when you’re in a cold place they think they have reached the north and they all try to get out

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when u have to pee but then later u dont have to pee anymore but you never peed????????? where did pee go!!!

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There should be a treadmill that plays movies and TV shows but if you slow down the audio goes out of sync by a whole second.

Calm the fuck down satan

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I love sleep because it’s like a time machine to breakfast

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dogs are the perfect napkins because they just think you’re petting them

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i get really offended when someone doesnt sit next to me but im also relieved they didnt sit next to me

this is the most accurate thing i’ve ever read

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never give up on your dreams

keep sleeping

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did you ever stop to think people are reading this sentence in different accents 

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you finally sneak into the dragon’s cave and find his treasure chest. you open it and there is just a macaroni drawing by the dragon’s son.

"ITS TREASURE TO MEEEEE" the dragon bellows 

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shall i compare thee to summers day

u make me very sweaty and uncomfortable

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whenever you see a centaur they always have abs. how does a centaur get abs? how do you do ab workouts when half your body is a fucking horse?

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if i die tonight it’s because i ate 3 calcium supplement gummies instead of the recommended 2 and my bones got too strong and wild and left my weak body to find a better one

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a boy and a girl are sitting together on a bench after a romantic date. “can i kiss you?” the boy says. the girl nods and the boy pulls out black and white face paint and starts putting it on her face. “you’re going to be gene simmons” he whispers.

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